Saturday, July 31, 2010

Reunited with FFF folks! (and LB starts to PLAY!)

Fences for Fido had an all-day board "retreat" today. You guessed it - Little Bird came with me! She was surrounded by 14 humans who absolutely adored her and showered her with attention. Here she is with FFF board member, Andrea.

She is wrapped up because she had just eaten, was getting sleepy, and seemed a little cold.

Right after this, she peed for the first time in a few days! YEAH!! The vet hadn't been too worried - afterall, she was probably very dehydrated and under nourished. But I almost jumped for joy when she peed in her kitty carrier!

She handled the day like a rock star and didn't cry or meow or hiss at all. In fact, when I got her home and back into the bathroom, she started to play!!!! At 6:04pm, for the first time, she showed any interest in playing. She started to attack my hair. I found a broken rubber band on the floor and thought it could be fun for her - but it turns out she must have thought it was a snake because she jumped about 6 inches in the air and ran away! No more rubber band - back to my hair and the things she imagines are on the towel she is on!!

I think her starting to play is another HUGE milestone in her recovery. Still no poop, but the vet thinks that isn't that abnormal. I'm to try stimulating her bowels by rubbing her tummy with a warm wash cloth (apparently mama cats have to do this to newborns to get them to go to the toilet!).

And, in closing - just when I thought she could not get any cuter, she discovered her TAIL!!! I think it'll be a while before something this exciting happens again. She is so cute when attacking her tail.

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