Friday, July 30, 2010

Little Bird comes to work

Little Bird came to work with me today. She still has to have her eyes cleaned regularly and she gets meds every 8-12 hours, so she and her cat carrier came to work. She spent the day hanging with Auntie Megan and many office mates come up to say hello and cuddle the little fluff ball. The vet said she needs a lot of human attention in order to socialize her, so this should help! When I first met her, she showed signs of being feral, but there is NO way this kitten is feral anymore (if ever).

She still hadn't eaten anything, so when I got to work, I called on a colleague who does a lot of cat and kitten rescue. Pam, who works one floor above me, came to my office and showed me how to "force feed" Little Bird some wet food. Pam then suggested I get "KMR" (Kitten Milk Replacement) because she's so young. I called a pet store over lunch and picked some up. SHE LOVED IT!! She's been taking it ever since. She takes it by bottle, which is pretty amazing to watch / do!!!

Here is a close-up of her at work with me!

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