Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Bird

Fences for Fido had a fence building event in NE Portland. We had heard that a mama cat had some kittens in the area and were on high alert to find them when we went for the post placement on July 26, 2010. We saw the mom, and almost caught one of the kittens, but they both got away from us.

As we were cleaning up the yard, we found a dead kitten. That made us even more determined to at least catch the baby and give him / her better chances.

FFF returned for the actual fence build on Thursday, July 29. We arrived a little before our volunteers so we could try to find the kitten. I came around the corner and froze. There, nestled in a little nest of dark green weeds, was a tiny kitten. For a split second, I thought she might be a toy - couldn't possibly be real - she was so tiny and curled in a perfect little ball. That must be the kitten we tried to catch Monday night, I thought. I approached ... she didn't move. I got closer ... she still didn't move. I reached down to scoop her up and she tried to move and got about a foot. She fit in my hand and I carried her to my car and to safety.

Here is a picture taken moments after the kitten was scooped up and promised safety and vet care.

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