Sunday, October 31, 2010

Little Bird needs a NEW home :(

Sadly, Little Bird was diagnosed with Feline Leukemia (FELV) back in early September. Burta, the resident adult cat who had been mothering her and cleaning her had to go to stay with a friend. Burta has currently tested negative for the disease.

Little Bird stayed with her humans for 2 months, but Burta finally had to come home. So Little Bird has moved onto the next phase of her adventure - to a new foster home where she lives with 2 dogs. In less than a week, she adjusted to the dogs and was already sleeping with them and jumping on them. She is just so brave and isn't phased by anything. THANK YOU to the wonderful human who is fostering her and watching her grow.

She needs a permanent home, though. Somewhere she can live as the only cat or with other cats who are FELV positive. Cats who are vaccinated against this disease will still be at risk if they live with her. She can live with dogs - and obviously live happily with them. She loves humans. She'll need to be an indoor-only cat, to protect her but also to make sure she can't pass the disease on to another cat outside.

She'll make a GREAT companion. If you would like to meet her, please email me at