Monday, August 2, 2010

Little Bird got a washcloth bath and new food!

LB got her first washcloth bath this evening. I managed to get most of the food crud off her that is a result of me figuring out how to bottle feed her. She loved the bath and sat quietly in my lap for about half an hour as I gently massaged and washed her chest. Watch out world - she's going to be cuter and fluffier than ever!

She also had her first experience at wet food (not being force fed, that is). Per a suggestion, I mixed some wet food into the bottle of milk she eats from. She loved it and it gave her a boost of energy. She rolled and played with her tail and played with my finger and attacked parts of her cat carried constantly! She was on the move and everything she saw - including her litter box - was a big game to her. She also learned that I would pick her up and move her if she jumped in the litter box to play - so she jumped in regularly, played for a second and literally looked at me as if to say "are you going to pick me up now?!"

She has the run of the whole bathroom now and when my husband went in there after I'd gone to bed, he said she was cruising the bathroom playing. She is very happy and appears she has fully regained her ability to play like a kitten!

Pictures tomorrow when she's all nice and dry. For now, though, here's another picture that was taken at work today by another cat lover:

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