Monday, August 9, 2010

LB update!!

Sorry I haven't updated in a while - I was away for 4 days and LB stayed with a friend and professional pet-sitter who took GREAT care of her. LB started to eat on her own this past weekend, and now gets bottle fed and takes wet food. This was a huge milestone and she'll for sure now put on more weight and get even healthier.

I got home last night and moved LB from the bathroom isolation into our living room. She's in a large wire crate with a kitten hammock and toys. I have 2 sides covered with towels so she has some privacy. She saw one of my cats and did a kitten hiss and "growl" which was adorable but then backed down. This morning, she touched noses with my dog and didn't even care. She is obviously a dog lover.

The greatest news of all is that SHE FOUND A HOME!!!! Once she's done with her meds (hopefully next weekend) she will move to her new home with her 2 humans and her 3-year old feline friend, Burta. Burta is a shelter kitty who was a teenage mom and still licks everything - so we think she might mother LB which would be great. Burta is also still very very very playful, so LB will have a playmate. Last night, when the 2 humans came over to meet her, LB played with Katie's hair, played with her earring, and then promptly fell into a deep slumber on Katie's chest. It was beautiful. LB chose them as much as they chose her.


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