Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LB goes back to the vet for a check up - things are GREAT!

Little Bird had a check up with her vet today. Once she was done growling and hissing at the vet (poor woman, loves animals but told me animals hate her because she pokes and prods the!), she settled in for a check up. Vet was able to clean up her chin and neck so she won't get more of the skin problems she has. She'll stay on her meds through Sunday and then maybe need another quick antibiotic to make sure all collateral problems are solved

BIG NEWS: she gained SIX ounces! That's a 50% gain! She was 12 ounces (less than a pound) last Thursday. She started eating on Friday afternoon and hasn't stopped since. She now weight 1.25 pounds. OVER A POUND! Amazing. This kitten has a spirit in her and she just won't give up. She's a fighter, a trooper, a survivor. I am so proud of her.

I'm traveling for a few days and she's staying with another cat lover who is very skilled at caring for young and sick creatures.* I'll get you an LB update on Sunday when she comes home.

* Another guardian angel - this woman is a professional pet sitter I know who offered to have LB stay with her free of charge while I'm gone. (let me know if you'd like her contact info for when you travel - she's amazing)

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